AngularDart - Build Dynamic Web Apps with Angular & Dart

AngularDart – Build Dynamic Web Apps with Angular & Dart

Master Angular & Dart (AngularDart) and Build High-Performance, Flexible and Dynamic Web Apps

Angular is a platform for building web ( as well as mobile and desktop ) apps. It’s one of the most popular modern web development frameworks in the World. AngularDart is a web app framework, created by Google, which leverages the Angular platform. AngularDart focuses on providing a more productive, high-performance and stable way of building Angular apps using the Dart Programming Language. Google engineers use AngularDart in their most lucrative applications since AngularDart provides the sophistication and stability needed to produce such critical applications. In this course, you will be learning how to use AngularDart and build amazing web applications with it!

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What you’ll learn

  • Angular and Dart (AngularDart) Web Framework and Build High-Performance Web Apps
  • Leverage the Dart Web Platform with Angular Framework to Build Single Page Applications
  • Architect AngularDart Applications and Develop Web Apps Focused on Productivity, Performance and Stability
  • Build Modern Angular-based Web Applications with Dart and AngularDart Libraray

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