Complete 2020 AWS DevOps Bootcamp For Beginners (With ECS)

Complete AWS ECS Bootcamp (Beginner friendly)

Learn How To Deploy Containers To Production Using ECR/ECS, RDS, End-to-End CI/CD Pipeline with CodePipeline, Route53…

This course is for total AWS beginners who want to confidently put AWS DevOps on their CV. The course is JAM PACKED with awesome, hands-on and practical real-world labs. Check it out… The Complete 2020 AWS ECS DevOps Masterclass For Total Beginners. You are learning over a dozen AWS Services hands-on and in-depth. You can apply it to the final project and in real life. In the final project you are dockerizing Laravel and then deploying a containerized Laravel PHP Application with a user registration/login to an ECS cluster with a full CI/CD Pipeline via CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to run ECS Cluster (Fargate and EC2 Launch Type) in Production hosting any Docker Container you want
  • Learn all about the AWS Networking Stack – Create your own VPCs, Public/Private Subnets, Routes, Internet Gateways, Nat Gateways
  • Learn how to connect Security Groups
  • Learn all about Elastic Load Balancing in AWS and how to do proper SSL Termination with ACM
  • Learn about the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and User-Data as well as Meta-Data
  • Learn how to auto-scale EC2 instances based on Auto Scaling Groups and Launch Configurations
  • Learn how to provision and scale a Fargate Cluster
  • Learn how to provision and scale an EC2 Launch Type ECS Cluster with Capacity Providers
  • Learn how to use Docker to reach dev-prod parity and work from Developers computer to ECS seamlessly
  • Learn how to upload images to the AWS Elastic Container Repository (ECR)
  • Create your own CI/CD with Code Pipeline, Code Commit + Code Build + Code Deploy to ECS
  • Learn how to provision and operate RDS and ElastiCache and store/retrieve Credentials securely via Systems Manager Parameter Store
  • Learn hands-on how to deploy a real-world Laravel Application with an End-To-End Workflow
  • You will be able to put AWS ECS confidently on your CV

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