Build a Linux Based Raspberry Pi Drone

Build a Linux Based Raspberry Pi Drone

Learn how to design, build, fly and even code your own raspberry pi drone from scratch!

Welcome to the ‘Build a Linux Based Raspberry Pi Drone’ course, where we will be covering the gauntlet of drone related subjects. Most drone build courses will only show you how to put together pre-selected parts, without providing the potent ‘why’ behind the choices. And they certainly don’t show you how to code your own automatic missions with python. This course will cover it all. Whether you want to simply build a flyable drone from scratch, or to learn how to select parts to design your own drone, or even to learn about software that would allow you to script automatic drone missions (for that new ‘taco delivery’ company idea?), we’ll go over it in this course with a unique Linux based Raspberry Pi drone!

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What you’ll learn

  • How to use python to script automatic drone missions
  • Learn to fly a drone with the open source ArduPilot firmware
  • How to design a drone and find the right parts
  • How to take raw parts and build a flyable drone
  • Compile your own firmware right from the drone
  • Learn about the fundamental drone parts

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