Build Django 3 Full stack Blog app & Rest API Python 2020

Build Django 3 Full stack Blog app & Rest API : Python 2020

2020 Road Map to web dev: Build your own django Blog app and api using Django REST Framework.Host online. Python

In this tutorial series we are going to build and deploy very good looking Blog application as well as with lots of Functionality.We will cover django framework API (bonus). BEGINNERS Learn: python (Django) backend + Rest API (CRUD) + Sql lite(database) + GIT + Pythonanywhere (HOSTING), How to build a good looking web application, Create your own personal blog site to showcase your projects to potential employers and Build fully functional websites

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The things we are going to learn along this course :

  • Django basics (backend)
  • MVT- Model, Template and views. How they work
  • How to post blog post through Django backend
  • Urls mapping
  • Basic setting configuration
  • Learn important HTML tags
  • How to manage Media files and Static files
  • How to load images in our website
  • How to load javascript plugins
  • How to add comment
  • How to add like, share and follow button in our website
  • How to add pagination
  • How to use social media plugins in your website
  • Django REST Framework
  • Build your own web api
  • Django REST API permissions
  • Working with GIT(version control)
  • How to push your code on github
  • Finally we will learn how to deploy our project on Pythonanywhere
  • After this course you will be able to add some more functionality and able to build your own different sites
  • You can work as freelancer or Full time web developer

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