Build Full Stack iOS Ecommerce App With Plaid and Stripe

Build Full Stack iOS Ecommerce App With Plaid and Stripe

Build an iOS client app and deploy a React admin web app. Learn how to use the Firebase suite, Stripe, and Plaid.

In this course we will build Bon Voyage. An iOS app where users can book extravagant vacations. We integrate Stripe and Plaid to handle payment methods for both credit card and connected bank accounts. Stripe and Plaid both require server side functions, so you will learn all about Firebase Cloud functions. Cloud Functions alone greatly expand the things you can accomplish as a developer.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build full stack iOS Ecommerce App
  • Learn how to process credit card payments with Stripe
  • Learn how to process bank account payments using Plaid and Stripe
  • Learn how to set up deployment environments (for example dev, staging, production environments)
  • Learn how to utilize cloud functions to communicate with other servers for security reasons.
  • Utilize most of the extensive Firebase suite.

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