Clojure The Complete Beginners Guide

Clojure: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Learn Clojure, a fun new functional programming language

Clojure is a general purpose, Java inspired, functional programming language. In 2019, the popular site StackOverflow rated Clojure as the highest paying programming language in the world, and second highest in the United States. Many big players like LinkedIn, Cisco, CitiGroup etc use Clojure as one of their main languages.

This course opens up many opportunities to work in a niche market, where your skills will be highly values by employers. There is a huge shortage of Clojure skills, and you can claim the top spot. Clojure is also a fun language to learn. Being a LISP language, it makes it much easier to write code, with Clojure code being on average much smaller than Java or JavaScript.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of programming in Clojure
  • Advanced Clojure concepts
  • Working with IntelliJ IDEA
  • Working with REPL

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