Cocos Creator 2D Game Development Essentials

Cocos Creator 2D Game Development Essentials

Learn how to use Cocos Creator for making 2D games. Create a flappy bird clone and a Block breaker clone in the process.

The Cocos family of game development tools are some of the most popular game development tools used in the industry today. Based off the cocos2D-X game engine, Cocos Creator offers a simpler, faster and more efficient way to create games. Cocos creator supports scripting, scene management, multi-resolution support, resource management, animation editing, physics support and the ability to publish your games to Desktop and Mobile platforms. Cocos Creator is the best way for anyone who has never done game development to jump in easily. The tool makes it easy for designers and programmers alike to be able to create awesome games in a highly efficient manner.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to create animations for 2D games
  • How to use Box2D physics in Cocos Creator
  • How to use JavaScript or Typescript to create 2D games
  • A fast and easy way to make games
  • Adding sounds and Effects to 2D games
  • How to support multiple types of input from touch to keyboard and mouse
  • How to manage game scenes and schedules
  • How to work with the Cocos Creator framework to make 2D games

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