Coding Bootcamps: Learn Programming Basics for Top Schools

Coding Bootcamps: Learn Programming Basics for Top Schools

Learn the skills you’ll need to gain acceptance to computer programming/coding bootcamps

If you’ve made a commitment to yourself to attend a coding bootcamp, but don’t know where to start, this course might be a great fit for you. In 2018 I made a commitment to attend one of the top schools in San Francisco. My heart was set on App Academy, but I would have been happy with Hack Reactor or MakerSquare. After studying all year, when July came around I applied to all three and I was accepted into Hack Reactor and App Academy.

I studied from February to July with all the spare time I could muster. A LOT of it was time spent in activities that weren’t especially helpful. In this course I break down computer programming visually so you can learn the concepts much faster than I did. This course is dedicated to helping you receive your acceptance letter to the coding bootcamp of your dreams.

Best Seller Course: Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

What you’ll learn

  • Write Code
  • Execute Code
  • Test Code
  • Pass Bootcamp Technical Interviews

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