Create a 3D Endless Runner from Scratch in Unity

Create a 3D Endless Runner from Scratch in Unity

Learn how to make an infinite scrolling platform game in Unity with C# working through all stages of game development.

The course begins with setting up the character and applying animations in the Unity mecanim system before writing code to control them. It continues by going step-by-step through the development of an infinite scrolling 3D world including the use of the pooling and singleton design patterns. In these sections obstacles such as fire and walls are added which the character is programmed to jump over and destroy. Thereafter a graphical user interface (GUI) is put together in Unity’s canvas system where you will learn about alignment, fonts and screen resolutions as well as how to program button presses, sliders and create popup windows. Next, particle systems are investigated as a means of providing some special effects and several are constructed from scratch to add as magical spells and explosions. Finally, background music and sound effects are covered as is controlling the sound of each from the GUI.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to use the Unity Mecanim system to create and trigger animations states on a character.
  • How to design a graphical user interface with a main menu, popup windows and programmable buttons and sliders.
  • How to program an infinite scrolling 3D platform world.
  • How to implement background music and sound effects.
  • How to create and spawn particle systems for magic spells, explosions and special effects.
  • How to program a lives count and scoring system that saves the state.
  • How to build an entire casual game from scratch.

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