Creating VR Experiences with React 360

Creating VR Experiences with React 360

Get started with WebVR. Build React 360 apps from start to finish.

This course will teach you the basics of Facebook’s React 360 virtual reality library and how you can build 360 degree multimedia WebVR applications. You’ll be able to build applications from scratch, deploy them to production and be able to view them on desktop and headsets. Additionally, As we progress through the course, I’ll teach you more advanced features of React 360 and how you can implement them to create more interesting and intricate projects. The course is structured to create 6 complete projects that showcase the many key features both basic and advanced that react 360 has to offer.

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What you’ll learn

  • React 360 Basic Principles and Features (Photos, Videos, Audio, Animations, Complex State Management)
  • React 360 Advanced Features (Dynamic Surfaces & Native Modules)
  • Implement Geometric Objects Formerly From React VR (Box, Cylinder, Plane, Sphere)
  • Understand How to Use an API in React 360 to Fetch and Present Data
  • Deploy React 360 Applications to Production

You May Also Need This Course: Socket.IO (with websockets) – the details. (socket io v2)

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