Data Science With R - 4 Projects+8 Case Study+Interview 3in1

Data Science With R – 4 Projects+8 Case Study+Interview 3in1

Data Science by IITan – Data Science :Data Manipulation , Data Science Data Visualization, Data Science : Data Analytics

The Good News is That From this Hands On Data Science and Machine Learning in R course You will Learn All the Knowledge what you need to be a MASTER in Data Science.

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What You Will Learn From The Data Science MASTERCLASS Course:

  • Learn what is Data science and how Data Science is helping the modern world!
  • What are the benefits of Data Science , Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Able to Solve Data Science Related Problem with the Help of R Programming
  • Why R is a Must Have for Data Science , AI and Machine Learning!
  • Right Guidance of the Path if You want to be a Data Scientist + Data Science Interview Preparation Guide
  • How to switch career in Data Science?
  • R Data Structure – Matrix, Array, Data Frame, Factor, List
  • Work with R’s conditional statements, functions, and loops
  • Systematically explore data in R
  • Data Science Package: Dplyr , GGPlot 2
  • Index, slice, and Subset Data
  • Get your data in and out of R – CSV, Excel, Database, Web, Text Data
  • Data Science – Data Visualization : plot different types of data & draw insights like: Line Chart, Bar Plot, Pie Chart, Histogram, Density Plot, Box Plot, 3D Plot, Mosaic Plot
  • Data Science – Data Manipulation – Apply function, mutate(), filter(), arrange (), summarise(), groupby(), date in R
  • Statistics – A Must have for Data Sciecne
  • Data Science – Hypothesis Testing

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