Docker Mastery: with Swarm & K8s from a Docker Captain

Docker Mastery: with Swarm & K8s from a Docker Captain

Build, test, deploy containers with a mega-course on Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, Swarm, Registry, Cloud and DevOps

Updated Monthly in 2019! Be ready for the Dockerized future with the number ONE Docker + Kubernetes mega-course on Udemy. Welcome to the most complete and up-to-date course for learning and using containers end-to-end, from development and testing, to server deployments and production. Taught by an award-winning Docker Captain and DevOps consultant.

Best Seller Course: Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Docker, Compose and Kubernetes on your machine for better software building and testing.
  • Learn Docker and Kubernetes official tools from an award-winning Docker Captain!
  • Learn faster with included live chat group (20,000 members!) and weekly live Q&A.
  • Gain the skills to build development environments with your code running in containers.
  • Build Swam and Kubernetes clusters for server deployments!
  • Hand’s-on with best practices for making Dockerfiles and Compose files like a Pro!
  • Build and publish your own custom images.
  • Create your own custom image registry to store your apps and deploy in corporate environments.

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