E-commerce site KinoMania –PHP Dynamically Displayed Data

E-commerce site KinoMania –PHP Dynamically Displayed Data

retrieve data from the server and displayed on the browser along with all the functionality

This is the second part of development for an E-commerce site , in this work shop we are going to display all the data from the server and make all the functionality for this E-commerce site.We gonna create log in form with form validation.We gonna work with global , complicated Url .Also we are going to develop advance search engines and much ,much more.

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What you’ll learn

  • Dynamically displaying data from the server
  • PHP in general
  • mySql queries
  • working with global such as GET ,POST
  • working with Sessions and URL
  • pagination
  • PHP e-mail
  • working with forms User Log in Log out
  • form validations
  • working with PHP variables
  • working with conditions statements in PHP

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PHP screenshot
success 100%
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