Electron From Scratch Build Desktop Apps With JavaScript

Electron From Scratch: Build Desktop Apps With JavaScript

Create 3 useful desktop applications with web technologies using Electron

This is a hands on, project based course on learning how to build and package cross-platform desktop applications using Electron. Many popular apps including VSCode, Slack and Skype are built on Electron. We will build 3 apps: ImageShrink – An app to optimize images for websites, SystTop – RealTime CPU monitor with notifications and system tray, BugLogger – CRUD app to track logs which uses React and the MongoDB Atlas cloud database

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to build desktop apps with Electron
  • Create and package 3 complete cross-platform applications
  • Use IPC to communicate between Main & Renderer Processes
  • Use Vanilla JS & React with Electron
  • Create custom menu items, system tray apps and more
  • Work with local data as well as MongoDB Atlas database

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