Ethical Hacking and Network Security from Scratch in 2022

Ethical Hacking and Network Security from Scratch in 2022

Ethical Hacking skills to get ahead. Learn how Hackers hack networks and devices and how to secure them. Learn Kali Linux

This course IS NOT like any other Ethical Hacking course you can take online. At the end of this course, you will MASTER the key concepts and you will become an Ethical Hacker and Network Security Expert. This is a brand new Ethical Hacking and Network Security Applied course and it’s updated to teach you the skills required for the future that comes. This course is for you if you want to learn Ethical Hacking and Network Security applied to the real-world. It’s specially designed for you whether you have no experience in Network Security, you’ve taken other related courses and you want to level up your skills, or you are coming from other fields like Network and System administration or Programming.

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What you’ll learn

  • Practical Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Skills
  • Learn How to set up a Hacking Lab (Kali Linux, Metasploitable, VMs).
  • You will MASTER Ethical Hacking and Network Security Key Concepts (Reconnaissance, Sniffing, Exploitation …).
  • Acquire the Skills to MITIGATE ALL THE ATTACKS presented in the course.
  • Learn How to Hack Routers and IoT Devices using RouterSploit.
  • Learn How to Hack Systems using Metasploit.
  • Learn How to Hack WiFi Networks (Traffic Sniffing and Injection, Deauthentication Attack, WPA2 Cracking).
  • Learn How to Secure a WiFi Network and stay safe and anonymous while browsing the Web.
  • Learn How to implement Full Disk Encryption.
  • Learn How to Hack ARP (Poisoning, Ettercap, Bettercap, Caplets, Ban, …).
  • Learn How to Hack STP.
  • Learn How to Hack CDP.
  • Learn How to Hack Switches.
  • Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of Steganography and How to Hide Secret Data.
  • Learn about the tools used for Cracking Passwords (John the Ripper, Hydra, Rainbow Tables, rcrack).
  • Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of GnuPG (symmetric and asymmetric encryption, key management, digital signatures).
  • Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of Hashes and How to Break them.
  • Learn How to Hack HTTPS (SSL Sniffing, SSL Stripping, HTTPS Downgrade).
  • Learn How to Hack DHCP (Flooding, Starvation, Roque Server).
  • Learn How to Hack Google Searches (Google Dorks).
  • Learn How to use Shodan to discover and Hack IoT devices.
  • Acquire In-Depth Sniffing Techniques (Wireshark, Filters, tcpdump, airodump-ng).
  • Acquire In-Depth Scanning Techniques using Nmap, Nmap Scripting Engine, Zenmap, arp-scan and netdiscover.
  • Acquire an In-Depth Understanding of Netfilter/Iptables Linux Firewall (Chains, Tables, Matches, Targets).

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