Fullstack Web Development With Laravel and Vue.js

Fullstack Web Development With Laravel and Vue.js

Learn how to build fullstack web apps with Laravel 5, Laravel Mix, Vue js, Bootstrap 4 & Sass

Welcome to “Fullstack Web Development With Laravel”, the best online resource for learning how to build full stack web app with Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4, Vue.js and other technologies. You will learn basic and advance Laravel features, integrating Bootstrap 4, Integrating Fontawesome 5, utilizing Laravel mix to write and compile Sass code and Javascript code and much more.

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Here’s exactly what you will learn:

  • Basic Laravel features: database migration, database seeds, model factories, accessor & mutattors, form validation, authentication and authorization.
  • Advance Eloquent Relationship: Many to many and Many to Many polymorphic relationship.
  • Integrating Fontawesome 5 via Laravel mix.
  • Integrating Bootstrap 4 for UI Styling.
  • Implementing DRY principle.
  • Using Git for version control and Github as code repository.
  • Introduction to Vue js: Directive, list rendering, conditional rendering, class binding, style binding, components and much more.
  • Integrating Vue js & Ajax to make our application more interactive

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