Game Theory Algorithms in Competitive Programming (2021)

Game Theory Algorithms in Competitive Programming (2021)

Dive deep into game theory algorithms, learn & apply these techniques for Codeforces & Competitive Programming problems!

This hands-on course is designed for everyone to learn & implement Game Theory concepts to solve Competitive Programming Challenges. You will learn how approach Game Theory based questions involving – Nim Game, Sprague Grundy Theorem, Subtraction Games, Combinatorial Games, Graph Games, Take-away games! The course involves both breadth and depth of these topics with enough examples and hands-on coding for each problem.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn in-depth Game Theory Concepts
  • Learn to solve Competitive Programming Questions
  • Problems involving Nim Game, Sprague-Grundy Theorem
  • Combinatorial Games, Subtraction Games, Games as Graphs
  • Learn by solving Easy, Medium & Hard problems
  • Hands-on Coding for every Game Theory Challenge

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