Getting Started with Deno

Getting Started with Deno

Learn Deno pros and cons with this series while solving typical problems

In this course we learn Deno by comparing it’s features with NodeJS. This course is fully focused on fast and deep dive into understanding the main benefits of Deno while implementing small tasks that we need in everyday development. We will start from scratch and step by step you will get full understanding what is it about. If you heard something about Deno but still missing knowledge of it’s pros and cons this course is what you need. This course is fully focused on understanding the main benefits of Deno and solving typical tasks with it.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn main Deno features
  • Fully understand pros and cons of using Deno
  • Learn how to implement typical tasks with Deno
  • Write backend servers using Deno frameworks
  • Build frontend code with Deno
  • Rendering React server side in Deno
  • And much much more…

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