Git & GitHub Complete Masterclass : Beginner to Git Expert

Git & GitHub Complete Masterclass : Beginner to Git Expert

Most comprehensive, STEP by STEP Git & GitHub tutorial with great & easy to understand examples and Quizzes.

This course is aimed at providing rock solid foundation in Git. It covers the most needed basic and intermediate Git concepts that form the foundation of this wonderful source control management system (SCM) so that the student can go up and running within a matter of few hours. However, this is not say that this Git course covers things in hurry. On the contrary, all the foundation Git concepts are explained with utmost care so that the student feels (assuming a newbie or starter) comfortable with the concepts that has been laid down with great consideration and due diligence. The sections devoted to GitHub bears the same hallmark of care & clarity that the sections on Git are marked with.

The Git & GitHub course is power-packed with intensive hands on Lab sessions that covers the basic and elemental concepts in great detail. The Labs are the highlights of this Git course which implements all the concepts that are explained thoroughly and exhaustively in the presentations.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build rock solid foundation in Git and related concepts
  • Learn Git installation on multiple platforms
  • Learn how to configure git repository in 3 ways
  • Learn how to modify, add and commit artifacts
  • Learn how to inspect Git repository using status and log checks
  • Learn Git branching basics
  • Learn to basics of public key cryptography
  • Learn GitHub and how use and manage the web based Git repository
  • Learn how to communicate with GitHub from local repository
  • Learn HTTPS and SSH connection with GitHub
  • Learn details of connection management
  • Learn basic file management in git bash environment
  • Learn how to customize/colorize Git bash prompt for productivity
  • Learn how to undo changes in Git repository through checkout, reset, revert and clean
  • Learn how to install and configure “Sublime Text” as the default text editor for Git
  • Learn how to install and configure “p4merge” as Git diff and merge tool
  • Learn how to perform Git comparisons between various sections of a Git repository

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