Git Learning Journey - Learn Git (Version Control)

Git Learning Journey – Learn Git (Version Control)

An online course to learn and (actually) understand the basics of Git (version control) and a bit of GitHub!

The 3 main goals of this course are to: Build a mental model of Git (version control) ✅. Provide simple explanations ✅. Make how Git works tangible ✅. In this course I explain the basics of Git (version control) in a visual and simple manner. I covers some of the basics of GitHub. I introduce one concept at a time and build from the beginning to the end incrementally. I introduce every new term so that beginners and more experienced folk can follow the course alike!

Best Seller CourseComplete Git Guide: Understand and master Git and GitHub (18 Hours)

What you’ll learn

  • Git Version Control
  • Github
  • Version Control
  • Distributed Version Control

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