How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch
How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch

Prepare yourself to excel as a professional developer of enterprise web applications!

Structure of the Course

  1. In the first module we will start with talking about IT industry in general.
  2. In the second module we will talk about our daily work – how we work in teams and how important teamwork is.
  3. In the third module we will together set up a complete local development environment, and demo a sample enterprise-class web application – all to give you this impression of how it actually looks like.
  4. In the fourth module we will have an introduction to the most essential technologies: programming in Java, Spring enterprise framework, frontend development (JavaScript and Angular), version control systems, databases, networks and infrastructure.
  5. In the fifth module we will go through couple of more advanced topics, to inspire you and to give you strong foundation to further developing your skills.
  6. We will finish this course with couple of practical tips about job interviews, sample tasks that you might expect on your first days at a new job, and couple of learning tips.

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What you’ll learn

  • What you need to study to become a professional software developer. This course will structure your knowledge and offer learning tips and books recommendations authored by recognised experts.
  • Fundamental techniques and practices that distinguish mediocre software developers from professional software developers. Clean Code, SOLID principles, Extreme Programming and more.
  • Introduction to most relevant programming languages and frameworks required to develop enterprise web applications in the world of Java. Java programming language, Spring framework, JavaScript and Angular framework.
  • Technologies that every software developer needs to know. Version control systems (you will learn basics of Git), databases (you will learn basics of relational databases – we will see PostgreSQL in action), networks and infrastructure (you will learn basics behind networks, virtual machines and containerisation: extremely popular Docker).
  • Most relevant terms and methodologies that we need in our work on a daily basis. You will learn Scrum, you will see how much value Extreme Programming brings in, how important effective teamwork is and what distinguishes wonderful teams from random people that only happen to work together.
  • A sample enterprise-class web application with a complete source code and business case explanation.

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