Importing Financial Data with Python from Free Web Sources

Importing Financial Data with Python from Free Web Sources

Get Historical Prices, Fundamentals, Metrics/Ratios etc. for thousands of Stocks, Bonds, Indexes, (Crypto-) Currencies

+++ This course shows you how to get massive amounts of Financial Data from the web and provides downloadable Python coding templates (Jupyter Notebooks) for your convenience! +++. This course covers four different data sources and explains in detail how to install required Libraries and how to download and import the data with few lines of Python Code.

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What you’ll learn

  • Importing free / low-priced Financial Data from the Web with Python
  • Installing the required Libraries and Packages
  • Working with powerful APIs and Python wrapper packages
  • Downloading Historical Prices and Fundamentals for thousands of Stocks, Indexes, Mutual Funds and ETF´s
  • Downloading Historical Prices for Currencies (FOREX), Cryptocurrencies, Bonds & more
  • Saving / Storing the Data locally
  • Pandas Coding Crash Course

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