Interactive Web Animation 2022 [ JavaScript SVG CSS & HTML ]

Interactive Web Animation 2022 [ JavaScript SVG CSS & HTML ]

Learn CSS Animation -> SVG Animation -> Interactive JavaScript Animation -> Web Animations API [Theory & Practice]

Interactive Web Animations [JavaScript, SVG, CSS & HTML]. Full specification of web animations at the level of markup languages CSS & SVG and programming language JavaScript.

Teaching methodology of this course: Study topic, setting a specific task, implementation, theoretical, overview of the method, Conclusions. Features of the teaching methodology on this course:

Step by step into immersive web animation:

  • Overview of the emergence of story animation techniques
  • Theory: A complete overview of CSS, SVG, Javascript specifications at the level of web animation technologies.
  • Practical part: animation projects from simple CSS through SVG to CSS + SVG + JavaScript complex projects.

The purpose of this online course:

  • awakening interest in the subject of the listener
  • Exploring the original web animation tools
  • immersion in the implementation of specific web animation projects and their independent modernization
  • preparation for writing web animation libraries

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What you’ll learn

  1. History of Web Animations
  2. CSS Animations [CSS animation properties, keyframe rule, transitions]
  3. SVG Animations [SVG elements, attributes and properties that can be animated] …… JS!!! –> INSIDE
  4. Interactive JavaScript Animations [JavaScript animation methods, Functions of constructors]
  5. Web Animations API
  6. This course shows 20 animation projects that illustrate the theory of interactive web animation. All of them are available for download, study and upgrade.

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