Ionic 4 Crash Course with Heartstone API & Angular

Ionic 4 Crash Course with Heartstone API & Angular

Create hybrid app for Android, iOS and Browser with Ionic 4 & Angular 6. Use Ionic & Cordova to build native apps.

Angular is a well known and popular framework for writing amazing web apps. If you combine Ionic and Angular you have just right recipe to create awesome mobile hybrid apps. Ionic framework gives you a power to compile your Javascript, Html and Css code into a code that can be run on iOS, Android and of course Browser.

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What you’ll learn

  • Develop a good looking, modern and real-world usable mobile applications with Ionic 4
  • Write one code base for Android, iOS and Browser
  • Unlock power of writing Hybrid Apps with Ionic 4.
  • Establish yourself in field of the exciting mobile app development environment

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