iOS12 - Intermediate iOS Programming with Swift

iOS12 – Intermediate iOS Programming with Swift

Learn iOS Development & Swift by examples with CoreLocation, Alamofire, Firebase and RxSwift

iOS 12 unleashed a whole range of powerful new tools for you to build intelligent apps, and this course helps you get started with them as quickly as possible: Core ML 2, Siri Kit, and more!

The goal of this course is to teach anyone how to build amazing iOS12 App from the ground up. You will learn the basics of iOS programming with playground demos and challenges. This will give you the solid foundation to start building iPhone Apps.

Best Seller iOS 12 Course: iOS 12 & Swift 4: Mastering ARKit 2 from scratch

What you will learn:

  • Variables & Constants
  • Control Flow
  • Complex Data Types
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Working with Classes & Objects
  • Creating multi-view Applications with Storyboard Segues
  • Using TableView, Navigation Bars & Toolbars
  • Adding Interaction & Gestures
  • Persisting Data with UserDefaults
  • Networking with Tumblr API to embed web Content into you app
  • Learning iOS Animation with a Beginners guide to add edge to your app
  • Learning Machine Learning with the new API Core ML 2 to deliver intelligent new apps that can proactively assist your users. – iOS12 New!
  • SiriKit Shortcut – iOS12 New!

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