Kubernetes for Java Developers on Google Cloud

Kubernetes for Java Developers on Google Cloud

Kubernetes, Docker & Java Spring Boot Microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine

This course would be a perfect first step as an introduction to Kubernetes. You will be using containerizing (using Docker) and deploying a variety of projects to Kubernetes Clusters. These projects are created with Spring Boot (REST API Framework), Spring (Dependency Management), Spring Security (Authentication and Authorization – Basic and JWT), BootStrap (Styling Pages), Maven (dependencies management), Eclipse (Java IDE) and Tomcat Embedded Web Server.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will Learn the Fundamentals of Kubernetes from Zero, no previous experience required
  • You will learn to deploy Spring Boot Microservices to Kubernetes Clusters on Google Cloud.
  • You will learn the Basic Kubernetes Concepts – Pods, Replica Sets and Deployment
  • You will learn the Basics of Docker – Images, Repository and Containers
  • You will learn the important Kubernetes commands
  • You will understand the Kubernetes Architecture
  • You will use Kubernetes Declaratively with YAML Configuration
  • You will learn to expose your Kubernetes Deployments with Services and Ingress
  • You will learn to use Kubernetes Config Maps and Secrets
  • You will make Zero Downtime Releases with Kubernetes
  • You will learn to Create Kubernetes clusters with Master Node and Nodes
  • You will learn to deploy Spring Boot Web Applications and Rest API to Kubernetes
  • You will become an expert on the Kubernetes command line tool – kubectl
  • You will play with Docker, Docker Compose and Kubernetes

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