Laravel(2019) : Job portal app with Laravel 5.8(4 Projects)

Laravel(2019) : Job portal app with Laravel 5.8(4 Projects)

Basic to advanced projects with Laravel 5.8: Learn to make real world apps

In this course we are making a complete job portal with Laravel 5.8( Popular PHP framework) and Vue js. If you are thinking to work as a PHP developer ,Laravel has become the crucial need for company so you need to know it .Imagine about satisfaction that will get when we learnt much and make a complete application that really matters. In your life you have might visited various job portal websites and applied for the position. In this course we will together make a similar kind of job portal that you used to use frequently to hunt a job in your life.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will make a complete job portal app with latest laravel version 5.8 and vue js 2
  • You will learn eloquent and relationship in laravel
  • You will learn to make a Restful API
  • You will learn Laravel fundamentals such as routing, template,migration ,seeder, middleware etc
  • You will learn form validation with laravel
  • You learn different ways to upload files with laravel
  • You will learn how to use vue js with laravel for better user experience
  • Important thing is that once you complete this course,you will learn a lot. You’re ready to start any complicated project that you wise to do.
  • And lots of more cool things

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