Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java

Learn Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency in Java

Everything you need to know about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and theirs implementation in Java!

In this course you will learn about the basics of blockchain technology. Theory as well as the implementation in Java!

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Chapter 1:

  • the basics of blockchain technology
  • SHA256 hashing
  • centralized and decentralized ledger
  • mining
  • consensus and the byzantine generals problem
  • proof of work

Chapter 2: how to implement a blockchain in Java

Chapter 3:

  • mining in cryptocurrencies
  • mempools
  • unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs)
  • wallet
  • 51% attack

Chapter 4: how to implement a cryptocurrency in Java

You should take this course, if you are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

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