Master Deno, React, Mongo, NGINX running with Docker-Compose

Master Deno, React, Mongo, NGINX running with Docker-Compose

Deno the new kid in town – How to use with Mongodb and React hooks running dev/prod in dockerized containers with NGINX.

You just found the most comprehensive online resource on Deno, React Mongo, Docker, Docker-Compose and NIGNX available to date. This project-based course will introduce you, step by step to all of the modern tools that all top the line Deno and React developer should know in 2020. We will build together a strong foundation during the course of this project, starting with Docker and Docker-Compose. We will learn how to Dockerize all the applications we will need, creating no one or two Docker containers

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What you’ll learn

  • Create a Docker Image to host our Deno Application with hot-reload function
  • Create a Docker Image to host our Rect Drag’n’Drop application also with hot-reload
  • Create a Dockerized MongoDb container where we will map the data to a volume on our machine, so we never miss the data.
  • Create a NGINX Docker container to proxy the request between the API requests and the Front-End Requests.

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Docker screenshot
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