Master Laravel 6 with Vue.js Fullstack Development

Master Laravel 6 with Vue.js Fullstack Development

Learn how to build a Single Page Application with Laravel (6+) PHP Framework and Vue.js

Learn Laravel together with Vue.js in this brand new, full-stack, project based course! Learn how to create a robust API in Laravel and a Single Page Application frontend in Vue.js! As with my other courses, you will start straight away with creating a project. During the course you will build a booking page, similar to very popular online booking websites!

Topics covered include: from Laravel: Controllers, Eloquent, Query Scopes, Model Events, HTTP resouces., from Vue: Vue Router, Vue Components, Vuex (global state management). Don’t waste your time and money anymore, this course is the only resource you need to get up to speed with full-stack development using Laravel Framework 6+ and Vue.js!

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What you’ll learn

  • Using Vue to build a Single Page Application
  • Using Laravel to build a robust API backend for any application
  • Combining Laravel with Vue to create a powerful SPA

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