Master SVG animation using HTML & CSS - Build 8 Projects.

Master SVG animation using HTML & CSS – Build 8 Projects.

“Learn to design high resolution images, logos, and screensavers using SVG(HTML&CSS) animation and become a design pro!”

The FIRST COMPLETE BOOTCAMP COURSE ON SVG. Watch the Promo Video To Know how much deep this course is designed to make your concepts clear. Only SVG course which will start your training with the basics and then using the basics you will learn the designing of amazing 2D Vector Graphics and different Shapes and Logos for your website using the combination of HTML , CSS and SVG.

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What you’ll learn

  • Design amazing and attractive 2D vector graphics using SVG.
  • Gain more knowledge about the combination of HTML , CSS and SVG.
  • Without using any software students will be able to create awesome SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • Design amazing icons and logos using the basic shapes fir your website and mobile app.
  • Learn how to create Screensaver and set parameters according to your requirement.
  • You will be able to design images with high resolution and in advance form which is better then jpeg format.
  • Understand the concept of animation in SVG with practical examples.
  • Get friendly support on any problem in less than 12 hours.
  • A certificate of completion at the end.

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