Mega CSS Animation Course : 30 Projects Included

Mega CSS Animation Course : 30 Projects Included

Learn CSS Animation with unique projects (10 hover Effects ,10 Loader Animations, Character Animations and many more)

Welcome to The Mega CSS Animation Course – One of the Biggest Course in CSS Animation with 30 Projects with over 12Hrs of HD Video Content .

This course covers the following topics along with projects :

  • Complete Understanding of CSS Transition and Animation
  • A Unique Button hover Project
  • A Modern Animated Hero Area with Video Background
  • 10 Unique Hover Effect Projects
  • 10 Unique Loader Animation Projects
  • 5 Character Animation Projects
  • Rain Animation Project
  • Water/Wave Animation Project
  • And Final Mega Project : An Animated Intro Presentation Project which is an Amazing Unique presentation using CSS Animation

Along with the Course , many tips and tricks are shared which will help you to develop problem solving Skill.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will Learn complete CSS Transition and Animation from scratch
  • You will Learn Creating Amazing Projects with CSS Transition and Animation
  • You will Learn Creating Creative Hover Effects with 10 Unique Projects
  • You will Learn Creating Amazing Loader Animations with again 10 Unique Projects
  • You will Learn Creating Character Animations with 5 Projects
  • You will Learn to create An Animated Intro Presentation (which is our Final Mega Project)
  • There are also some additional projects like Rain Animation , Water / Wave Animation , Button Hover Effect
  • Amazing tips and tricks are shared through out this course

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