MERN stack complete full stack apps from scratch

MERN stack complete: full stack apps from scratch

Learn MongoDB, Express, React and Node by building and deploying a complete app with user accounts, front to back

Welcome to “MERN stack complete”. This course will introduce you to the easiest way to build complete web applications using just the fundamental languages of the web: JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We will build a complete web app using the JavaScript frameworks of the MERN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, React and NodeJS. This course will teach you all the important basics of web applications including: User accounts, security, cookies, advanced styling with SASS and deployment.

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At the end of this course, you will have learned the following skills:

✅ Running a server with ExpressJS

✅ Handling HTTP requests to your Express server

✅ Validating data in HTTP requests

✅ Setting up a database with MongoDB

✅ Applying CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on the database

✅ Building a dynamic frontend user interface for an app with React

✅ Displaying data from the database with React

✅ Styling the web app with SASS (an extension to CSS)

✅ Implementing user accounts with secured passwords, login sessions and cookies

✅ Development environment security

✅ Basic DevOps: setting up a development and production environment

✅ Deploying a Node server to Heroku

✅ Deploying a React frontend to Netlify

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