MERN Stack - The Complete Guide

MERN Stack – The Complete Guide

The Best Resource for Building Amazing Full-Stack Apps with the Best in MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js

How to Build Full-Stack Apps with MongoDB, React, Express and Node, Create Practical Real-World Apps from Front to Back, Best Practices as a JavaScript Developer (React / Node), How to Utilize Latest Features of the JavaScript Ecosystem, A Deep Understanding of the Programming Concepts Presented in the Course

Best Seller Course: MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js


  • React Hooks throughout the Entire App
  • Core Node.js / Express Concepts
  • Creating an Entire Express API from Scratch
  • Next.js version 9 with API Routes
  • Linking together React Client + Express API
  • User authentication with JWT and Cookies
  • Role-based access control with multiple user types
  • Lots of data fetching on the client / server
  • Password hashing with bcrypt
  • Process payments with Stripe API
  • Dynamically upload images with Cloudinary API
  • Modeling database content with Mongoose Schemas
  • and much more

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