Mockito 3

Mockito 3: Next-Level Java Unit Tests || Crash Course

Take your developer career to the next level and learn to write better Java tests using mocks in Mockito 3.

In this course, you’ll learn only the practical aspects of Mockito 3 – the latest version of the most popular mocking framework for Java applications. I’ll introduce only the essential theory behind mocking, and then dive straight into the code to get you started as quickly as possible. I’ll use an example of a simple, but practical Java project to show you a variety of mocking techniques. You’ll also learn the best practices and coding standards for unit tests based on my developing experience. This course also comes with a one-page cheat sheet for a quick Mockito 3 reference. You’re welcome to use it freely after the course—it’s bound to save you hours!

Best Seller CourseJUnit and Mockito Unit Testing for Java Developers

What you’ll learn

  • Enrich Java JUnit tests with mocks
  • Learn the latest Mockito 3 version
  • Run unit tests with mocks in Eclipse
  • Work on practical, real-world testing problems
  • Follow mocking best practices

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