Modern JavaScript (from Novice to Ninja)

Modern JavaScript (from Novice to Ninja)

Create awesome web apps with modern JavaScript from the ground up.

welcome to your first step on the path to becoming a JavaScript ninja! In this course I’ll be teaching you my absolute favourite language (JavaScript!) from the very beginning, right through to creating fully-fledged, dynamic & interactive web experiences.

We’ll cover all the basics to get you up-and-running quickly, before diving in to some of the really fun stuff like web-page manipulation, creating interactive forms, popups & other cool effects. Along the way we’ll be using the latest additions to the JavaScript specification (ES6, 7 & beyond) and maintaining good coding standards to keep our code clean and effective!

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to program with modern JavaScript, from the very beginning to more advanced topics
  • Learn all about OOP (object-oriented programming) with JavaScript, working with prototypes & classes
  • Learn how to create real-world front-end applications with JavaScript (quizes, weather apps, chat rooms etc)
  • Learn how to make useful JavaScript driven UI components like popups, drop-downs, tabs, tool-tips & more.
  • Learn how to use modern, cutting-edge JavaScript features today by using a modern workflow (Babel & Webpack)
  • Learn how to use real-time databases to store, retrieve and update application data
  • Explore API’s to make the most of third-party data (such as weather information)

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