Modern Web Scraping with Python using Scrapy and Splash

Modern Web Scraping with Python using Scrapy and Splash

Become an expert in web scraping and web crawling using Python 3, Scrapy and Scrapy Splash

Web Scraping nowdays has become one of the hottest topics, there are plenty of paid tools out there in the market that don’t show you anything how things are done as you will be always limited to their functionalities as a consumer. In this course you won’t be a consumer anymore, i’ll teach you how you can build your own scraping tool ( spider ) using Scrapy.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of Web Scraping
  • Understand Scrapy Architecture
  • Scrape websites using Scrapy
  • Understand Xpath
  • Extract and locate nodes from the DOM using XPath
  • Build a complete Spider from A to Z
  • Deploy Spiders to the cloud
  • Store the extracted Data in MongoDb
  • Understand how Splash Works
  • Scrape websites that relies on Javascript to render their content using Scrapy-Splash
  • Build a CrawlSpider
  • Understand the Crawling behavior
  • Build a custom Middleware
  • Web Scraping best practices
  • Avoid getting banned while scraping websites
  • Scrape APIs
  • Scrape infinite scroll websites
  • Deploy spiders locally
  • Deploy spiders to Heroku
  • Run spiders periodically
  • Prevent storing duplicated data
  • Deploy Splash to Heroku
  • Write Data to Excel files
  • Login to websites using Scrapy
  • Download images and files using Scrapy
  • Use Crawlera with Scrapy
  • Add proxies to the CrawlSpider
  • Free proxies with Scrapy

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