Natural Language Processing with NLTK : Hands On Python

Natural Language Processing with NLTK : Hands On Python

Learn NLTK, Scikit Learn, Python, NLP basics, Regular Expression, BOW, Ngram, TF-IDF, Language Modeling

Natural language processing with Python. Have you ever thought about how automate Chatbot system works due to which millions of Call Centre people are going to loose the job. How Google News classify millions of news article into hundreds of different category. How Android speech recognition recognize your voice with such high accuracy. How Google Translate actually translate hundreds of pairs of different languages into one another. If you want to know Technology running behind, This is the introductory natural language processing course to get dive into to the world of NLP.

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What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Natural Language Processing
  • Python environment setup
  • Language Modelling : BOW, Ngram, TF IDF
  • Noise removal from Text
  • Extract semi structured information from Text with Regular Expression
  • SMS classification project

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