New Complete Python Course 2019: Learn Python 3 From Scratch

New Complete Python Course 2019: Learn Python 3 From Scratch

Python 3 Programming Mega Course For Beginners To Become Real Life Python Developers | Tutorials + Building 5 Projects

welcome to The New Complete Python Course 2019! In our course you will enjoy learning a plenty of new concepts in python, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about programming, because our course will take you from Zero To Hero, from an absolute beginner to a real life python programmer, and after that it will teach you what to do next, and even how you may get a job!

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What you’ll learn

  • Students can start as total beginners to become real life python programmers
  • Students will learn the python basics: Strings, Numbers and arithmetic operations, conditions, loops, lists, functions…etc
  • Students will learn Advanced concepts like: Oriented-Object Programming (OOP), Exceptions Handling and Dealing with files
  • Students will learn the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Students will learn more advanced libraries and data formats that will help them to exploit python in a lot of fields: Operating systems, Web Servers, Web Applications…ect
  • Students will build 5 real life projects
  • Students will be able to build their own projects with the information learned in the course
  • Students will learn what to do after they finish the course and even how they can earn money and pass the job in interviews
  • Students will have more than 70 text supports that resume all the content that you need in this course

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