Next JS & Typescript with Shopify Integration - Full Guide

Next JS & Typescript with Shopify Integration – Full Guide

Learn modern Next JS(Next 10+). Code everything in Typescript and integrate with Shopify. Professional app architecture.

The course starts with an explanation and practical examples of the Typescript language. The typescript section is optional but it explains a lot of types of structures that will be used throughout the course. After typescript lectures, you will start building your e-commerce app. You will learn how to structure the application in a modular and clean way.

You will build your own React components from the scratch. As the styling framework, the course is utilizing PostCSS and Tailwind CSS which is a great choice for every project. Later in the course, you will learn the latest patterns on how to use hook functions efficiently. Entire checkout functionality is built on top of the hook functions. Hooks are reactive, modular, and easy to get tested. At the end of the course, we will hook up the application with Shopify, and we will deploy it to the Vercel platform so anyone on the internet can access it.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build modern, well architectured apps from scratch
  • Get most of the JS with Typescript
  • Create applications with real use case
  • Create Shopify integration

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