NgRx In Depth (Angular 8, with FREE E-Book)

NgRx In Depth (Angular 8, with FREE E-Book)

Learn the modern NgRx Ecosystem, including NgRx Store, Effects, Router Store, NgRx Entity, DevTools and Schematics

In this course, we are going to cover in-depth the most commonly used Angular implementation of the centralized store design: we are going to cover the Ngrx Angular Reactive Extensions library ecosystem. Ngrx is a set of related libraries that together provide a complete solution for implementing a store solution in Angular. We are going to cover Ngrx Store, which contains the reactive store system similar to Redux which is the heart of the store solution.

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What you’ll learn

  • Code in Github repository with downloadable ZIP files per section
  • Become familiar with the centralized store pattern, and how to use it in Angular
  • Know when to use a centralized store solution and why
  • Feel comfortable designing an application using the Store pattern
  • Learn In-depth NgRx Store, understand in detail all core store patterns, including Reducers and Actions
  • Learn in detail NgRx Effects, learn when to use a side-effect
  • Learn in detail NgRx Entity, when to use and why, learn what are the benefits
  • Transform step-by-step an existing Angular plain application, and turn it into a store based application
  • Learn to implement common functionality in NgRx, such as Authentication or Entity Pagination
  • Learn NgRx in-depth in a fun and practical way, by implementing real use cases

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