Performance Optimization and Risk Management for Trading

Performance Optimization and Risk Management for Trading

Generate Income and make a living with Day Trading / Algorithmic Trading. A quantitative & data-driven Python course.

This unique course provides the skills, knowledge, and techniques required to (realistically!) answer that question. The course uses rigorous quantitative methods and is 100% data-driven (Python coding required!). You´ll have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in various Coding Exercises/Challenges (real data and meaningful questions!). This is not only a course on Performance and Risk Management for Trading. It´s an in-depth coding course on Python and its Data Science Libraries Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib. You will learn how to use and master these Libraries for (Financial) Data Analysis, Optimization, and Trading.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to make a living with Trading (and what it requires)
  • How to optimize the Performance of Trading Strategies
  • How to manage & control the Risk of Trading Strategies
  • How to find the optimal degree of Leverage for Margin Trading
  • How to measure the Performance and Risk of Trading Strategies and Financial Instruments
  • How to make proper use of Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) Orders
  • Advanced Python Coding (OOP, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Seaborn)
  • How to optimize Trading Performance with single/multiple Parameter Optimization
  • How to optimize Trading Performance with Smoothing
  • How to calculate Risk, Return and the Sharpe Ratio (Mean-Variance Analysis)
  • How to calculate Downside Risk and the Sortino Ratio
  • How to calculate Maximum Drawdown, Maximum Drawdown Duration and the Calmar Ratio
  • How to calculate CAGR, Investment Multiple, compound Returns and more.
  • How to generate a sustainable income with Trading

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