PERN Stack - Build a Yelp clone-Postgres,Express,React,Node

PERN Stack – Build a Yelp clone-Postgres,Express,React,Node

The Best Resource for Building Amazing Full-Stack Apps with the Best in Postgres, Express, React and Node.js

Welcome to PERN Stack – The Complete Guide! The PERN Stack is one the most popular ways to build powerful, full-stack apps using Postgres, Express, React, and Node (shortened to “PERN”). This course is the best guide to mastering the PERN Stack, taking you from total beginner to full stack expert, capable of making your own impressive, fully-featured apps from scratch to deployment. What’s special about this course is that it gives you the best of both worlds; both extensive practical and conceptual understanding—We’ll cover all the essential concepts of the PERN Stack in-depth while we build a truly awesome full-stack app along the way. and you will clone Yelp

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What you’ll learn

  • How to build full-stack apps with Postgres, React, Express and Node
  • Create practical real-world apps – Yelp clone – from front to back
  • Best practices as a JavaScript developer (in React / Node)
  • A deep understanding of the programming Concepts presented in the course

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