Progressive Web Apps The Concise PWA Masterclass

Progressive Web Apps: The Concise PWA Masterclass

Everything you need to build Progressive Web Apps from Scratch, or upgrade your existing Web Apps to PWAs.

Learn to build discoverable, engaging Progressive Webs Apps (PWAs) from scratch, or Upgrade Existing Web Apps to PWAs using Service Workers, Caches API and Web App Manifests. Learn the Essential technologies, and Concepts behind PWAs to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible. An invaluable skill for any Web/Mobile Developer, made available via a very concise and well-planned curriculum. Progressive Web Apps is an incredibly exciting, fast-growing and sought after skill in Web App Development. This course will provide a very practical & concise approach to learning Progressive Web Apps and the curriculum includes all the aspects of PWAs ready for production today. There’s no faster way to get started with PWAs and the course will particularly focus on upgrading existing web apps to be fully progressive without any compromise in non-supporting browsers.

Best Seller CourseProgressive Web Apps (PWA) – The Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the purpose of PWAs.
  • Learn each aspect of the Service Worker API and the Caching API in depth.
  • Learn to add PWA technologies into existing web apps with the help of progressive enhancement.
  • Convert an existing web app to a full-featured Progressive Web App without compromising support for older Browsers.
  • Audit and improve a Progressive Web App with the help of Google Lighthouse testing tool.

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