Raycast Programming with JavaScript SDL and C

Raycast Programming with JavaScript SDL and C

Create a raycasting game using JavaScript, SDL and the C programming language (Wolfenstein 3D programming)

Do you know already how to code and would like to learn the basics of how the C programming language works? Do you want to learn the theory behind the technique that made possible to create games like Wolfenstein 3D? Ray casting is a very simple but elegant solution that allows us to create a mock 3D projection scene based on a very simple 2D representation of the world.

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In this course you will:

  • Learn the mathematics behind ray casting.
  • Exercise your trigonometry thinking about angles, triangles, and geometry used in games.
  • Understand how rays will be translated into walls in our game scene.
  • Understand the math behind ray casting with a quick 2D JavaScript prototype.
  • Create a simple 2D map with a moving player using C and SDL.
  • Texture walls and render your 3D scene.

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