React AWS Amplify build a complete serverless app

React & AWS Amplify build a complete serverless app w/ CI/CD

Create full-stack React app fast using CI/CD to deploy running on the cloud with Cognito, AppSync, Graphql, DynamoDB

Do you want to learn the secret of creating amazing performant apps, that scale on-demand, without expend days programing in front of the computer? How long would take you to set up a full authentication system, with signin and signout screens, and email and/or SMS confirmation, and password reset? Would you guess a few days or hours? With AWS Amplify you can have all that set up and working serverless in less than 10 minutes. And this course is not only the best resource you will find for Amplify but it is also the most up to date.

Best Seller CourseServerless React with AWS Amplify – The Complete Guide

We will not only create a full-stack application working end to end but we will also learn along the way:

  • How to create a CI/CD pipeline to deploy our website on merge.
  • How to create a fully functional GraphQL API using AppSync with CRUD capabilities (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • How to create queries, mutations, and subscriptions in GrapQL
  • How to create and use an AWS S3 Bucket to serve and store images
  • How to verify emails and SMSs using Cognito
  • How to work with AWS Console
  • How to use Semantic UI to make a beautiful application
  • How to create and re-use custom hooks in React
  • and much, much more

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