React Essentials Become good at React fast

React Essentials | Become good at React fast! [2020/2021]

Learn Modern React JS, including Hooks, fast by building a real life project

In this course, you will create a beautiful and modern React JS Application. The primary course is focused on React Hooks API with for example useState, useEffect, and useRef hooks. But there are also bonus sections where you’ll learn Class Components as well. The application is fetching data from The Movie DB API and uses Styled Components for styling.

Learn below and much more: React Fundamentals and React Components, React Hooks (useState, useEffect, useContext, useRef), Context API as a Bonus section, The Movie DB API, CSS styling with Styled Components, React-Router v6, Class Components with state as a Bonus section, Refactor App into Typescript as a Bonus section, Create a login and rate movies as a Bonus section

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What you’ll learn

  • React fundamentals with hooks and classes (bonus)
  • Styled Components
  • React-Router v6
  • To structure a React JS Application with files and folders
  • Use an API to fetch data with React Hooks
  • Bonus section for refactoring into TypeScript
  • Bonus section with Global Context and login to The Movie DB API

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