React JS & Firebase Complete Course (incl. Chat Application)

React JS & Firebase Complete Course (incl. Chat Application)

Create “real world” React JS applications connected to Firestore (Firebase). Redux, authentication + real time features!

In this course we are going to build application where users can participate in different services that can improve users expertise in various fields. We will start with the basics of React JS framework. We will create initial layout, first pages and routing . First section will be not only about React JS . To make our application dynamic and up to the standards we need database. Database we will use in this course is cloud Firestore from Firebase. IN Firestore we will keep different types of data as for example services, offers, collaborations and users. After first section you will start learning about firebase authentication. I will show you how to login and register with firebase.

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What you’ll learn

  • Develop real-world web application with React JS and Firebase
  • Understand the processes and concepts of React JS 2
  • Use gained knowledge to create your own Web Applications

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