React js. From the beginning. w/ Redux and React Router

React js. From the beginning. w/ Redux and React Router

Learn React v16 from the beginning! Including React Router, redux, and create react app with multiple projects

Starting with Angular 1 in 2010, JavaScript frameworks exploded onto the scene and are required by virtually every large website on the Internet. React, which appeared a few years later in 2013 has become the dominant tool in that group. What does that mean for you? You can learn to use the same front-end framework used by Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, BBC, Airbnb, and Ebay, to name a few. And you won’t just learn how to use it, but you’ll learn the fundamentals around it.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to use React to make awesome front-end UIs!
  • How to set up, navigate, and use create-react-app to build React applications with ease
  • How to use React without webpack or ES6
  • The React component lifecycle system

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