React Node FullStack - Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO

React Node FullStack – Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO

Learn to build Real World Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO from Scratch to Deployment

Welcome to learn FullStack web development with React Node Mongo DB and NextJs. In this course you will learn to build backend API with Node, Express and Mongo DB. You will learn to build frontend web app with React and NextJs. You will learn to build SEO web app using NextJs which is a framework for building production level React apps. By the end of this course you will have build a production ready SEO multi user blogging platform. So this course is mainly about Node React NextJs and SEO.

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Why we choose React Node NextJs for building SEO Blogging Project

  • We choose Node React and NextJs because they all use same programming language JavaScript. So even though it’s a FullStack app with separate API and separate frontend, we will be dealing with only one language – JavaScript.
  • We choose Node js and Mongo DB for building API because its incredibly easy, flexible and easy to scale.
  • We choose React because its extremely powerful, performant and recently became so much fun and easy to use with the introduction of hooks.
  • We choose NextJs because it takes the development process of React apps to whole new level.
  • NextJs comes with SSR out of the box and SSR is necessary for SEO
  • NextJs starting with version 9 automatically decides if your web page can be served as a static page or dynamic page.
  • If your page is not making request to backend server to fetch data then NextJs automatically serves that page as static page.
  • Static pages load extremely fast because they are static. there is no need to wait for server response.

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